Our new mounting set PLUS stands for safety, stability and durability. The aluminium system consists of only a few parts. These are perfectly harmonized with each other, allowing rapid, reliable installation. Irrespective of the roof material and region, the system offers the optimum solution for all solar thermal systems thanks to even weight distribution over the module frame and a balanced load on the roof structure.

As part of a building, solar systems are subject to the applicable building regulations. Among other documents, the following standards apply:

  • EN 1991 - Actions on structures
  • EN 1990 - Basis of structural design
  • VDI 6012 Part 1.4 – Fixing of solar modules and solar collectors on buildings

These regulations deal with the design, manufacture and development of mounting systems for solar thermal systems.

The relevant standards require the mounting system to transfer any forces occurring on site at any time to the roof structure safely, without any damage. In order to minimize damage and the liability risk, it is necessary to develop mounting systems that meet all these requirements.

The roof mounting system PLUS is also available with slope correction (15°, 25°). On slightly sloping roofs, these units allow greater contributions to a supplementary heating system.

The mounting set for installation on flat roofs can be adjusted to an angle of 30°, 45° or 55°. Systems for wall installation can be adjusted to 45° or 60°.


  • Single-layer mounting system
  • Rapid installation
  • High stability
  • Long service life
  • Tested quality
  • Independent of rafter positions
  • Easy to align between collectors
  • No small parts which can be lost
  • Pre-configured kits for specific collector types


  • Roof hooks consist of a support bracket, base plate and cantilever beam
  • The additional support bracket ensures greater stability and provides considerably higher load reserves
  • The multi-head connector compensates for significant irregularities on the roof. A “clicking” noise indicates that the aluminium section is securely attached to the multi-head connector
  • Sections are made from high-grade aluminium alloy with a large hollow chamber, which minimizes weight and provides exceptional load capacity.
  • Hanger bolts with special thread geometry are outstandingly well-suited for installation on trapezoidal or corrugated roofs. The innovative gasket can be locked into place simply by pressing it down
  • A special slate roof connection kit reduces the installation time and avoids damage to the slates.
  • The mounting systems PLUS is designed to fit all Ritter evacuated tube collectors. It can also be adapted to flat plate collectors